Thermoplastic Injection Moulding

For a quick, precise and widely applicable plastics manufacturing service, look no further than Stechford Mouldings. We offer thermoplastic injection moulding, as a turn-key solution from concept to delivery, for all manner of industrial and consumer products.

With some of the best automated plastics technology in the country, we’re able to pull off any large or small-scale material run you need. With our support, you’ll receive a plastics batch that meets or exceeds your timescale, knowing that the mould is as accurate as you’re going to get.

Thermoplastic Injection Machine Manufacturer in West Midlands

Experts in thermoplastic injection moulding

Injection techniques are, indisputably, the most popular approach to plastic development. Used in virtually every sector – from consumer technology to aerospace, pharmaceuticals, electrics and hygiene equipment – it’s a flexible means to make any-sized component, especially those that have to retain their shape in extreme heat. 

Thanks to rapid results inherent in this process, it crafts the lion’s share of the plastics we use around the world. Our machines are extremely cost-effective, allowing you to gain the very best return from a plastics application budget. We specialise in DMC, phenolic and polycarbonate mouldings, along with a host of other definable subsets.



Only the finest thermoplastic particles are used at stechford mouldings

Only the finest thermoplastic particles are used at stechford mouldings

Handling every part of the process

Our years of experience have given us a blueprint for the plastics cycle. First, we start with a CAD file that directs how the mould will be shaped. Then, the resin is injected and left to ‘cure’. We prepare the mould with industrial-grade resins so the surface finishes of the products are unified. As you’ll have the final run ready within days, prototypes can change on a whim, and manufacturing quality is assured for large consumer orders. 

To prove our adaptability, Stechford Mouldings have a wide range of plastic injection moulding machines to further your aims.

With one or several of these to draw on, there isn’t a single task that’s beyond our capabilities – a handy trait when thermoplastic injection mouldings are employed in such diverse forms.

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