Thermoset Compression Moulding

Experts in thermoset compression moulding

We are proud to offer an end-to-end plastics manufacturing solution. That’s why our services include thermoset compression moulding for a range of requirements, from large automotive and aerospace parts to small, high quality industrial goods.

Our thermoset compression department stands alone from our other facilities – we believe in dedicating the right tools and expertise for a specific plastic function. Whatever you need, we’ll deliver it using one of the largest rosters of compression machines in the UK.

Experts in thermoset compression moulding

Thermoset compression is a tried-and-tested technique for plastic moulding. Our machines are operated by hand: the base plastic is preheated and pressed into a hot mould by our skilled technicians. It means we can form components that suit pretty much any application you have in mind.

Due to the cross-linked molecules in thermoset compounds, the plastics are resistant to warping in extreme temperatures. They will endure almost any harsh condition they may encounter. Staying durable and well-shaped is, indisputably, a crucial part of your plastics application.

Lending a careful hand to plastics manufacturing

Thermoset Compression Moulding Machines1.JPG

Our compression moulding tools start at single cavity models, perfect for one-off sampling and smaller production runs. Bigger jobs can be accomplished with larger, multi-cavity impression machines. A single impression tool can have a loaded shot weight of 1 gram, or up to 3.85kg. Essentially, there’s no scale or strength of thermoset compression that we can’t handle.

In total, we have 38 compression hand presses. They are made up of:

-       18 small machines, ranging from 16.5 tonnes to 38 tonnes

-       9 Bradley & Turton presses (35 tonnes to 50 tonnes)

-       3 Twin Upright 40 tonne Bipedal presses

-       8 Upright Bipedal presses (150 tonnes to 300 tonnes)

Such variety allows us to tailor the end result, so it fits in precisely with what you envisioned at the outset. At Stechford Mouldings, we’re passionate about combining traditional techniques with the latest technology to deliver a cost-effective service you can rely on.

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