Assembly & Finishing

Having a robust assembly process is central to keeping production on-schedule and on-budget. Stechford Mouldings can assemble and finish your plastic components so they are ready for use.

Our expertise covers all aspects of production – these services complement our plastic injection and thermoset moulding, meaning we tackle the beginning, middle and endpoint of your manufacturing needs.

A dedicated base for assembly

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Our team of plastics experts are highly skilled, with a deep knowledge of what it takes for large, intricate or specialised parts to function as they must. Since we oversee components and products from their formative stages, we can follow their journey to assembly, making sure you get the exact functionality you require.

That’s why we have a large assembly shop solely used for fixing, aligning and finishing your materials, so you’re confident that we’re expending the right resources on every assignment.

End-to-end plastics production

Initially, we put a mould through ‘post-curing’, exposing it to high temperatures in a controlled environment. This makes it very durable – far more so than leaving it to cool at room-level – and prepares it for secondary machining purposes.

Our assembly tools are directed by CNC programmes, customised to each item. By using advanced computer guidance, we apply the finest precision to solders, grinders, milling heads, and tapping/drilling equipment. A lapping machine (if you choose to use it) can enhance sealing techniques, and produce a flattened surface for all sorts of appliances.

Then, we get the plastic moulds looking their best, treating them with our ultrasonic wash plant. They’re polished, labelled, and inspected by our team of QC managers. Every piece is tested for its real-world performance before we sign it off.

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Caring for your investment

If you’re in need of further support, we can provide that too. Stechford Mouldings package everything up and, if desired, store it in our warehouse for your peace of mind. The stock will be secure and accessible, whenever you wish to transport it.

As a final service, our Kanban systems can motivate efficient delivery, co-ordinating your resources so the whole process is hitch-free.

Want to discuss your requirements with a member of our team? Contact us to determine the scope of your plastics assembly and finishing needs.