Thermoset Injection Moulding

Cost Effective Thermoset Injection Moulding

When your plastic production needs to step up, either in volume or complexity, we’re here to focus your aims. Our thermoset injection moulding is a process you can rely on, for any sort of commercial or industry-specific plastics manufacture.

With its dedicated production team, Stechford Mouldings has a firm hand on the large, modest, or specialised components you require. We’re a staunch believer in the power of bespoke application, so you always get exactly what you want.

Cost-effective thermoset injection moulding

It’s present in virtually any plastics manufacturing sphere, and for good reason. Thermoset techniques are able to deliver excellent results at a timescale that may surprise you. In a matter of days, we can manufacture parts, attachments, products or industrial extensions, all strengthened under intense heat conditioning.

Due to the press hopper’s influence, there are less resources directed to material handling. Furthermore, parting lines have incredible pressure tolerance, and the process as a whole lends itself well to automation. Together, this aligns for cheap and reliable plastic production.

Tailored Plastic Manufacturing Birmingham

Tailored plastics manufacturing

Our thermoset machines can handle runs of all sizes, depending on your requirements. A cylindrical clamp holds each side of the mould in place. Once this is established, a reciprocating screw pushes the base materials down to be plasticized, after which they are poured into the mould itself. Pressure motivates the screw to fill each cavity, one-by-one, until they achieve the correct design.

Stechford Mouldings has a grand total of 32 plastic injection instruments. Overall, they range from a single, one-off sampling cavity to moulded shot weights of 0.2g – 6kg force. They consist of:

-       15 Krauss-Maffei machines, (50 tonnes to 300 tonnes)

-       11 Battenfield machines (40 tonnes to 210 tonnes)

-       4 Bucher-Guver machines (120 tonnes to 200 tonnes)

-       2 Sandretto machines (110 tonnes)

By selecting from our toolset, your plastics ambitions will be met – and taken to another realm of efficiency – for any production scenario.

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